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About Mark and Maureen

True Success is the culmination of three decades of therapeutic experience, helping thousands of people uncover the roots of their unsuccessful behavior, releasing those barriers, and then systematically building true competency in each aspect of life.

The approach was created by Mark and Maureen Fallon-Cyr, two Harvard-educated clinicians with deep expertise in treating children, adolescents, families and adults, as well as consulting to numerous educational and health organizations. Over the years, Mark and Maureen have reached beyond their traditional training in analytical, behavioral and trauma-based psychology, enriching their clinical experience to become more effective therapists. Their personal explorations into social emotional learning, mindfulness and somatic release work bring a sophisticated, nuanced, effective approach to helping people reclaim their joy, fulfillment and capacity to live a truly successful life.

Married nearly 30 years, the couple met in Boston while pursuing advanced degrees in child and adolescent psychology. Following their training, they traded the Northeastern cityscape for a more relaxed Western lifestyle, raising their two children, spending time outdoors as a family, and developing their work. In Colorado, Mark and Maureen operate a successful private practice for people of all ages dealing with a wide spectrum of issues, including trauma and other complex issues.

“True Success is the culmination of everything we’ve
learned over the past 30 years. It applies everything we
know about helping people help themselves.”

Mark Fallon-Cyr, MD
Mark Fallon-Cyr, MD is a Harvard-trained child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist with over 30 years of experience. In his private practice, Mark treats people of all ages, providing consultations and evaluations for schools, colleges, human services and Native American tribes in his area. Embracing a passion for social emotional learning (SEL), Mark works with educators to implement SEL into school settings and organizations. Currently, he is producing a video series that teaches the True Success curriculum. In his spare time, Mark enjoys the outdoors, hiking and camping in the Colorado mountains with his family.


Maureen Fallon-Cyr, LCSW
Maureen Fallon-Cyr, LCSW is a graduate of Smith College School for Social Work and a certified Hakomi Therapist. For more than 25 years, she has brought mindfulness-based psychotherapy to people of all ages, specializing in trauma, somatic release and depth psychology.

Maureen also serves on the teaching council of the Durango Dharma Center teaching meditation and mindful living. Currently, she is writing True Success, a book outlining the True Success curriculum. In her free time, Maureen enjoys swimming, hiking, meditating and hanging out with Mark and her family.

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In a society with conflicting ideas about what constitutes success, Mark and Maureen Fallon-Cyr articulate a refreshing new paradigm to help cultivate a coherent and empowering vision of True Success. The True Success model illuminates the developmental domains at the core of personal and social competency, revealing the possibility of an integrative view of success that is individually authentic and culturally relevant. As trainers, Maureen and Mark offer a dynamic combination of professional expertise, research, scholarship, and presentation skill, along with a firm grounding in mindfulness practice and somatic methodologies that enlivens the experiential learning component of the program. This material has helped me clarify and expand my own view of success, enabling me to reconcile seemingly divergent inclinations, fostering deeper awareness and greater satisfaction with life choices. I highly recommend True Success to family, friends, and clients alike.


From my twenty-two years of mental health experience, True Success is the first program that I have encountered that is all encompassing in the areas needed to help us reach full personal development. I have used the True Success framework in my own life and it has allowed me to reenergize my life – being more authentic to who I am and making identifiable steps in becoming a healthier and happier person. Thank you, Mark and Maureen.

J.K. Mental Health Professional

I have had the privilege of studying the True Success model and have seen how the model details and supports individual development, guiding people on their own personal journey toward their own True Success. I have also attended classes with Maureen that give the experiential side of the model, releasing the blocks that keep us from our true essential nature. True Success is important information for our planet today and a working model for our individual and collective journeys.


Living Our True Nature and Helping Others Do the Same.