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True Success Class with
Mark Fallon-Cyr, M.D.

First Three Classes Are Free!

Class 1

Video: Introducing True Success

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Course One: Audio

Class 2

Video: The Eight Determinants of Success

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Class 3

Video: The Vision of True Success

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Course Offerings
from Maureen



Discover Your True Nature

In this recorded five class series, learn easy mindfulness practices that calm you mind and body as you deepen connection into your True Nature – the calm foundation that lies beyond the stressful mind. When we learn to rest in True Nature, we’re no longer overwhelmed by stressors in life. We see the world clearly and compassionately, allowing for a more joyful, balanced life. With True Nature, we respond, rather than react to the world around us.

This class is open to all! Come learn soothing practices that effectively decrease your stress and anxiety, and learn a new way of being that supports the life you’re being called to live!