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I’ve enjoyed the first three videos. How do I access the rest of the course?

We are currently in production on the rest of the course. If you’d like to support us in this venture, please go to Kickstarter and contribute to our video campaign. We expect to have the first section of the course available later this summer.


What will the rest of the course cost?

We want True Success to be available for everyone! So, we are planning to release the rest of the course on a sliding scale offering: Those who are well resourced can pay the full fee or even gift the course for others. For those with limited financial resources, there is an opportunity to access the course and gift in other ways: Perhaps offer a kindness to your community or share the Eight Determinants with someone who is struggling with a project. As much as possible, it is our intention to spread True Success through practices of mutual generosity; creating opportunities to share in wealth, knowledge and benefits of True Success.


Once I pay for the course, can I watch it anytime?

Yes. Once you’ve accessed the course, you can watch it anytime and as many times as you like.


Should I watch the course, or read the book?

That depends on you! Some people will be drawn to the book, others to the course. In truth, the course and the book are complementary. They emphasize different aspects of the curriculum, but they all point to the same place! If you read the book, please know that many exercises referenced in the book are found on this website. If you’re really into the True Success curriculum, do both!


Are there “live” courses I can take?

We’re working on that! Our intention is to create course material both online and in workshops and trainings. Keep checking back!


What if one of my domains is severely compromised?

Many of us struggle with compromised domains. For some of us, it’s easy to see – a physical challenge; for others, our challenges are invisible, such as when we struggle with depression or mental illness. Even when we struggle with a serious compromise, we still can have a truly successful life. To bring us into greater personal and social competence, we first look at our compromised domain through the lens of the 8 Determinants to assess where we can bring in more support. Next, we deepen into, explore, and release any limiting fears, judgments or beliefs that may be compromising our joy and aliveness in this domain. And finally, we work to increase our knowledge and skills in this domain. In this way, we gain the greatest competence in our limited domains.


I live in an area that is full of hostility and conflict. Can True Success work in my life?

Absolutely! While we may not have control of circumstances around us, we can develop True Success in ourselves. True Success is a way of being, it is not determined by outside markers such as income, material wealth, status or even whether or not there is peace in our lives. When we engage in the True Success practices, we increase our personal and social competence, and that will give us the most successful response, regardless of our current circumstances. With personal and social competence, we are better prepared to negotiate difficulties and support our community during times of challenge or strife.